Monday, January 27, 2014

January Chill -2

The January chill continues here in southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois but at least we have not had the amount of snowfall that Indiana and Michigan are up against. The temperatures are below 0 and I'm afraid my creativity is frozen along with it. I have dreamy images of lemon/poppy seed soap floating through my head along with some bunny dolls but it is hard to get moving in this cold weather. I am hoping that the new moon on January 31st begins a new in all aspects of creativity and motivation alike.
It's almost February and the hearts are starting to fill the store shelves in the local area shopping plazas. Love is in the air but I'm dreaming of bunnies and eggs already. Too funny how some things keep passing by. . . so we'll have to see what becomes of it in the Prim Community as spring gets a little closer everyday.
I'm working on manifesting some warmth for us all . .
For now stay warm and out of the elements unless you must travel
till next time

many blessings. . . .

Sunday, January 19, 2014

January, Oh January

January 2014 and it's full wolf moon has brought about many endings and as the new moon approaches I can only look forward to new beginnings.

I received an invitation to submit my artwork for Prim Magazine back in November. The submission for my Uncle Sam Crow knodder was accepted by Stampington & Co. and is scheduled for the May 2014 publication.

I moved during the month of December 2013 and getting myself settled here has been difficult to say the least. I have had  to adjust in many ways and actually still attempting to do so, I feel this is going to take some time. With new surroundings in a more traffic heavy place and a room mate to share space with my creativity is non-existent since most of my belongings are in boxes, crowding and cluttering up my mojo. I have space to create but no space (mentally) to create. My every move is monitored by the essence of another human energy.

I have lived alone since the parting of ways with my husband, for the last 10 years, free to do what ever, when ever I chose, making as much racket as I wished. I lived in remote areas of Wisconsin where the creatures are free range and there are few people or traffic of any kind, let alone someone in the same dwelling. This is a challenge since I am gainfully employed and work a rotating schedule outside of the home. My room mate is retired and watches tv during his waking hours or putzing around the yard, removing snow from the driveway, etc. but always stepping into the room to talk to me. It's kinda like having a two year old since he is not at all accustomed to computers, sewing machines, cell phones or any modern day gadgets, so you can imagine how these conversations go. It makes the ablitiy to focus slim to non

Then there's work, my schedule starts out on a mid shift 11-9pm the 6am-whenever, 7-5, 2pm-12:30am , 2-12:30 off ,off with a consistent flow of phone calls and text messages when I am not there and it pays $43,000 before taxes and insurance which doesn't leave much to live on let alone save anything or pay off medical bills from last year.  The spinning of wheels is how my life feels these days and I am really hoping that by time the new moon is upon us that things are going to change for the better.
I'll keep meditating to bring some kind of quiet to myself. Focus first. . . of course I am manifesting a clearer future where I may have the mental space I need to carry on with the things I love, a peacefulness in my environment and time to craft & create, oh and finally unpack my belongings. . .
till next time, watch for my published work in Prim Magazine in May 2014

Many blessings. . . .

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Decembers New Moon

Decembers New Moon has brought about more change
but somehow I feel so stuck.
Attempting to get my self packed
and leave this most wonderful place
I have been dwelling for
the past four years. I am not ready
for this at all and I only
have another 10 days to pull this off.

On a lighter note, Publishers Clearing House called today to verify my entry in the sweepstakes and so maybe I am getting closer to winning the dream of my life, LOL. Stampington & Company also contacted me with an interest in publishing some of my art pieces in Prims Magazine. I'm thrilled to be published in my favorite magazine amongst some of the best Primitive Artists that I so admire.  I guess all in all you just have to count the blessings and leave the negative aspects behind like dust in the wind. I am most grateful for the opportunities ahead of me now.

The December Full Moon is the day of the move and I hope that I will leave all the negativity of this year behind me now. I lovingly look forward to the New Year, 2014 with much openness to the changes ahead of me.

Many blessing to all through this Holiday Season, I regret that I will miss yet another crafting season of making & selling but everything happens for a reason right? And in that I shall not dwell. I'll be strong and move forward with new eyes to see what the future should hold for me.

Till next time. . .

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Full Moon in Taurus

Novembers full moon brings things to and end. With the winds of change blowing about it is sad but time for me to move on.
I was so blessed 4 years ago when I was driving 26 miles in each direction to and from work. Living in Burlington and paying parking tickets every single day as I worked nights and could not ever get a parking spot where I was allowed to park. While  I drove to work one day, I told the universe that I "just want to live in a cabin in the woods". While looking at rental ads I came across an ad that said one bedroom house with loft and full basement, 1 car garage located by Hwy 50 and I94. Reluctantly I called the ad. The next week end I met with the lady who responded to my call and much to my surprise I landed the most beautiful A frame cabin in the woods that I had ever seen. Now 4 years later the property she and her husband have lived at for the last 35 years has been sold. She called last week to tell me that I had to vacate the premises by Jan 1, 2013.
I have much to do to get ready to move on but looking over the last blessed 4 years I have had the most peaceful and wonderful life that I could have ever imagined. Every day I dreamed of winning the PCH drawing so I would buy this place and stay here forever. I'm not ready to leave this most wonderful place but will embrace the changes in my life and expect that the universe has a much better plan in store for me.
This has been a very challenging year for me and my craft business as the consistent turmoil of the blowing winds have kept me from my craft. Hopefully that too will change and I will regain my creativity once more when I get settled in where ever it is I am going.
Check out my ETSY site for whatever it is I do have time to create and many blessings to you all this most wonderful time of year.

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 18, 2013 next Full Moon in Aries

Our Full Moon falls on October 18th this year so it will not be a well lite Halloween night since we will be at the waning crescent at that time. All in all I am certain the festivities will still be wonderful for a the young at heart.  So make sure you buy extra glow sticks and light up your children really well.
As for me I will be working on Thanksgiving dress' to sell on ETSY and EBAY. The winter crafts for Christmas, Yule and the winter solstice are starting here at Cranesnest Primitive Hallow since I missed Halloween but I miss Halloween all year long so it will just have to be another 10 months before I get there again.
No time for crying over spilt milk if you get the pun but I am moving forward with a very positive attitude toward the changes in my life that are facing me now. Forward bound into the abyss of creativity, hopefully to never return to reality ever again.
The soap is CPOP (cold process oven process) and is Candula/Ylang Ylang with charcoal. It will be ready to use by Halloween, I can't wait to bathe in it. So I've been busy getting ready to bring in possibly the best year of my life since I can not remember when
Thanks for all your support through this time I certainly appreciate all your thoughts, prayers and healing energies that you've sent my way.
until next time
many blessings and Happy Hallows Eve

Friday, October 11, 2013

October, my favorite time of year

Oh October. . .
such a magnificent time of year. My favorite month by far. It's all about the Halloween crafts for me and the wonderful things that life brings as we begin to transcend into the solstice of the year.
This has been a really tough year for me as I am a very strong and independent single entity who's health has always been very good in spite of some seasonal allergies. My allergies got so bad I had to stop eating meat and any processed foods. By time I got that all under control I had a routine breast scan to appease my health insurance carrier and was told" You need to have a biopsy right away, there is a mass on your breast and it could very well be cancer!" Well, I ran like my ass was on fire and put myself on an all fruit & veggie cancer diet. I thought, NO way, I  am NOT  going down like this. So after four months of holistic cancer diet, vitamin and supplements to build my immune system, all the tests came back and I did not have cancer but fibroid cysts. I had surgery last week and now will be a smaller chested women than I am used to being but  at 58, it's ok. Any tissue not well is gone and I will be fine in a few weeks. Of course I'm going to need a new wardrobe as I also shaded about 38 pounds during this whole process. All I can say is that "I'm glad it's almost over.

 My creativity level has been in the toilet for the last 6 months so this whole extravaganzas cost me more than I care to talk about and I will STAY AWAY FROM DOCTORS!!!"
Going forward, it's too late to make up for the loss of Halloween craft season, I will be moving on  to the Yule Season and hopefully can gain some speed to get me through the winter.
Anyway my Halloween dolls and such are being listed on ebay so you can check them out there and pick them up on auction, which is much less money.
Have a good month, many blessings

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh September, the Romance begins

Every September the romance begins. . .
It's when my heart starts to sing in it's orchestrated fashion as the nights become cool and leaves begin to turn color. Here in the Midwest it is a welcome change from the heat of summer. It's when the Renaissance faire has ended and that in itself is a sweet sorrow. The parting of old friends as they travel to other places or back home for the winter months. The farms around me are getting ready for the harvest and as the fall equinox comes around it starts the festivities of our farming community.
Oh to dwell in such a wonderful place, I am filled with gratitude everyday for the wonder of this life and all the beauty around me.
This is also when I am working hardest at creating my primitive art for the fall and All Hallows Eve celebrations. I love Halloween Art. It makes me so happy to contribute to the vast supply of  pumpkin keep sakes and dolls as collectible treasure's for years to come.
I added a Paypal, Buy it Now button to my blog today and posted pictures of my two newest creations.

This is Valerina, she is 13" tall and her walking stick is 16", she sits on a rusty bed spring. She is quite the little Harvest Thyme princess
Priscilla is 18" tall to the tip of her witch hat and stands on an old vintage bee hive bobbin, a little Steam Punkish of sorts in her grungy overcoat and a key lapel pin, they sell for $33.99 and can be purchased right here from my blog. The drop down list allows you to pick either Primitive Halloween doll.

And talk about abundance,
I own such a huge collection of Halloween Deco that I am setting my living room up as a retail store and will host a Halloween Estate Sale this year in an attempt to lessen the load that I carry and store year after year. This is a time of clearing for me. To be able to move forward with less to move around and fill the garage with totes. I was truly amazed at the fact that none of the 26 totes that are filled with Halloween stuff where desecrated by mice or spiders. Talk about being blessed and watched over. Since I dwell in the woods at the tip of a farmers field. As I was sitting in my craft room, sewing tiny mice for the witch shoes last night, I could hear the little buggers running and playing in the ceiling above me as the farmers just cleared the last of the wheat from the fields this last week. Which creates yet another task, set before me for the season.

All in all it's a wonderful time of year and one that fills me with peace and contentment as I work and craft the hours away. . .
Enjoy the season  to it's fullest and take the time to enjoy your life. . .

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Full Moon in Capricorn

So, here we are half way through the summer of 2013 and Mercury finally went direct yesterday. I could feel the pulling of the forward motion and started sewing and drawing and sorting the things I will need to start creating wares for my most favorite time of year. The Fall Equinox, and All Hallows Eve. As the little fae & witches dance through my psyche I become enthralled in joy & laughter as the ritual of craft becomes me. Oh how I love to create. . . The Witches Wardrobe has been part of me since I started in primitive artistry, the Halloween Enchanted pumpkins, little fae of Witch Upon a Star whom dance upon their rusty bed springs, the Halloween can-dles, witch moons on textile bobbins.. I'll be doing some beeswax works this year as well. Then their are a version of my French bed dolls all dressed up in witchery dragg and named the Witchman family. For craft fairs I do Witchy Froggettes, Mice all dressed up in witches clothing and this year I am going to try to get to Witchy Bunne' Haunted Spell books are a real love of mine and I have some new glass eyes to use on them.
So if you are a Halloween lover stay tuned for the array of things I create and sell on both ebay and my etsy shop. I am featuring Flight Soap this year so watch for this magnificent concoction to release the issues of Halloween Night Flight, pain relieving soaps. Oh what fun. . . ♥
I can't wait to post my final work for everyone to enjoy. I will also put it on Pinterest as well. . . so watch out for the gouls of plenty, Oh what fun ♥ ♥ ♥

many blessings to each and everyone. . . remember to stay in the moment and think only good thoughts for this is the year of living in joy. . .

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