Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Behold the Wonders of Becoming a Certified Herbalist

Behold the Wonders of Becoming a Certified Herbalist

Have you ever desired to learn the health benefits of herbs and botanical's?
Based in Chinese medicine you will learn how to grow them,  process them into tinctures and salves (medicine making) what each herbs medicinal properties are and how to heal using herbs
Starting on April 13th The Herbal Academy of New England is running a 15% off special for new enrollment's in their Certified Herbal courses but you need to hurry as this only will last 5 days ending on April 17th

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Friday, April 8, 2016

The Truth About Cancer Healing Cancer Naturally, My own Experiance

It is now almost 5 years ago that I went in for a routine Ultra sound, in lew of a mammogram  to appease my insurance company and get the tests done they say I needed. After the test was done I was asked to have a seat as the Dr. wanted to discuss the results with me. I was then called into a conference room and told that I needed a biopsy as there was a mass in my breast that he was sure was cancer. And so the story goes on. . .

I went home, upset, sat down and cried and then started to research natural healing for breast cancer, I made a list of supplements and took a ride to my local health food store where I purchased
Barlean's High Litigen Flax seed oil, organic cottage cheese, organic strawberries, Barlean's Greens supplements, Vitamin C high doseages, Essian Tea, COQ10, Latril (apricot seed kernels) and some sour-sop juice, a couple of others vitamins. I stopped at Woodman's and purchased organic fruits & vegetables and went home and started juicing. I left all the everyday food I used to eat behind and continue to do so still this day. I also raised my alkaline level to 8.5 ph by drinking high alkaline water, from my Enagic Water machine, and using baking soda to increase my alkaline leveal when I was at work for too many hours without water to drink.

In the 2nd month of this re gamine  I purchased B17 from an on line market as this vitamin was illegal in Illinois where my favorite Health food store was located. None of the health food stores in southeast Wisconsin stocked it either.

I continued to take my Essiac tea and work the Budwig Protocal, along with all the supplements adhering to a high alkaline diet as I knew that cancer could not survive in a high alkaline atmosphere. By month 3, I had lost 30 pounds and made an appointment to see Dr. Nasr, a holistic Dr. He ran tests for four months attempting to find cancer in my body but by the fourth month he told me that like everyone, I did have cancer cells but that he was unable to diagnose any live cancer in my body.

In this time I had 6 friends and employees family member that ended up dying from the conventional treatments they were receiving. you see the three things conventional treatment does is
Surgery - Cut , the opening up the body while cancer is active makes the cancer spread like wildfire
Chemo - derived from Mustard Gas, used in chemical warfare during war time, it is illegal to use mustard nerve gas as chemical warfare any longer but they use it to treat cancer patients in this country. It destroys the immune system
Radiation - burns and kills the tissue surrounding the tumor

Did you know that Cancer is not a Disease but a symptom of the imbalance in your body causing inflammation? Wow how simple. But the American people have been duped into thinking that it will kill you. Ends up it's the Chemotherapy and Radiation along with surgery that kills you but not before you have exhausted the amount of money your insurance company will put out .

I invite you to sign up for the program that is being release in a 9 part series by Ty Bollinger and watch the videos on YouTube of the Drs. that are supporting Ty's efforts to get this most important message out to everyone. Share it on Facebook and get notifications because our own government has supported this killing long enough and the billions of dollars we spend on conventional treatments, the drug companies, the Dr's, the Cancer Association,. Cancer centers, Food & Drug Administration and even the Insurance companies are all in cahoots. This madness can be stopped if you would trust yourself instead of some money hungry society of legal killers. Become educated and save your parents, children and grandchildren. Don't trust anyone when it comes to your life. Get the information now and please share it

Here's a link to the series-The Truth About Cancer


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Manifesting for a Sizzix Craft cutting machine

Manifesting for a Sizzix Craft cutting machine

Ok for the fun of it let's try manifesting a Personal cutting machine
Today I am setting my sights on a Sizzix Personal Cutting machine

So I am visualizing me using this new Sizzix cutting machine and making wall words
that say " Everyday holds the possibility of a Miracle"
I can see it being cut by my new machine and my putting the words on my wall. I am joyous and feel a sense of accomplishment as I thank the Universe for this wonderful gift that I didn't have to spend a fortune on as it came to me as a gift.

Feel the pleasure of creating with it and the excitement watching it cut out the words I chose to use. Or making a gift for a friend, making a template to sell in your ETSY shop and making money on them. . .
No worries on how it will get here because I just see myself having it to play with.

Now in your life, enter the contest so you too are able to win this fabulous machine. . .

Good luck

many blessingsSizzix $2500 (5 Winner) Ultimate Giveaway

April 2nd, The Jokes are Over, New Moon in Aries

April 2nd, the joke is over-let's get back to Reality in the Making

April 7th there is a New Moon in Aries so plan to be motivated, if you aren't already, to move forward with the plans you have on changing your life in some way. Whether it be a new career path, committing to a healthier life style or just plain learning to manifest your lifes dreams. Aries is a great time to start as the motivation is pushing and you are moving freely in the direction you wish your life to flow. But you'd better move fast here because on April 17th Mar's will go retrograde and everything will come to a screaming halt but don't fret, look at it as a time rethink and refine your drawings and plans to move ahead, sorting everything and getting all your ducks in a row for the regatta and on April 22nd the Full Moon is in Scorpio/ Neptune will help you connect with the emotional issues you have with your plan, your intuition will be high and your physic abilities will steer you through any dilemma's you may have encountered along the way
Mercury will go retrograde on the 28th which will last until May 22nd so again you will have a chance to take another look at your plans and see what's not working, refine, reconnect with your original intention and by Memorial Day you'll be in full motion of perfecting your plans.
So let's touch base on the Manifesting part of the plan. There is a most important element to this so if it seems out of reach for some reason,  let's get started and address the issues you are having
Everyday you need to commit yourself to visualization, which is about 10 minuets of day dreaming.
YES, Daydream about how you want your life to look in the near future.
According to Mike Dooley @ TUT there are 6 guidelines to visualization:

  • 1: Visualize only once a day  
  • 2: Visualize for only 10 minuets
  • 3: See, Hear, Feel, Smell and Taste every imaginable detail 
  • 4: Put in the Emotions, the joy and happiness of achieving your desired wishes
  • 5: Put yourself in the picture, actually see yourself driving that new car you wanted
  • 6: Go Straight to the End Result! DO NOT SEE YOURSELF WINNING THE LOTTERY and just Visualize your life as if all you ever wanted is right there and you are ALREADY in that Place, time and space. (another words forget about the details of how all this will come to you)
Now I know that can be hard, not sorting out the details of how you will make this happen. Because if you are moving towards this in your daily life eg moving towards a business or career change, healthy life style, a new car, than the details are already being worked out by you. Get out there and work on the details but do not visualize it in your daily Visualization Practice. Use your Visualization Practice to see your self there, in your new home or car already. Piece of cake! See once we form a habit of thinking and seeing ourselves where we want to be, all of a sudden one day it just shows up in the form of a great opportunity, or being offered a free trip to somewhere you always wanted to go. Or your dream house maybe, that someone else needs to unload this place and your in the right place at the right time and are able to afford this now. Everything comes in divine timing, when we are ready and remember that nothing is out of reach, if you can see it for yourself than it is within your field of potentiality which means it is meant to be. So go for the gusto, don't waste your time on thinking small or small is what you will get and I am sure if your still reading this that you have had enough small in your life and it's time to think big!
Enjoy your daydreaming. . .
till next time

many blessings

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