Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cyber Monday is Tomorrow 11/30 but the Sales have started already

Cyber Monday is Tomorrow 11/30 but the Sales have started already today

What a great feeling to hear the little Ching Ching that is generated by the app on my phone from the ETSY app when I have a sale in my shop and EBay does the same thing.
Oh what fun, no matter where I am or whatever I am doing it tells me to pay attention as the universe is sending money from some terrific person that just bought something from me. It is truly what I live for and makes me act like a giddy child♥
All the packages are packaged, labeled and ready to be delivered to the post office first thing in the morning. I don't do a huge business by any means but every little bit sure helps especially this time of year with the utilities starting to rise.
I am looking to revamp my shop this winter to try to find a niche of things that really sell as it seems the same old is starting to give way to new innovations and I need to keep up with the trends. I just need to find out what it is everyone wants besides new electronics because I don't make those! (or find a real job, bite my tongue)
I am such a naturalist and love anything simple with no chemicals which is really hard to imagine what else I can do.
Primitive art is my love but there are so many Prim Artists now that I just don't know where else to turn to earn a living. Maybe I'll try some Boho Women's Garments since I just love weird and different clothes ( hippie chick)
I guess I will have to figure it out soon as I'm not getting any younger over here that's for sure.
Enjoy the season . . .

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 Being Mindfull

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 & Being Mindfull
Let's give Thanks to all those who are working today to make our lives better. In ways we don't even know or take the time to think about.
Being mindful is a place to be as you set out for the Black Friday Sales (sometimes starting Thanksgiving Day) as they try to rip something out of your hands hang on. . . but remember not to be one of those who are not mindful of others feelings.
To me this event is of the worst of the American people showing what kind of jerks they are capable of being.
I for one will not participate in this vile event as the energy is way to negative for me to be around and the people who contribute to this kind of sick frenzy are just as bad as the ones who host it.
Yes! I have been there and done that just once in my life and swore to my death that I would not be counted among these people ever again. I think it is the worst display of humanity ever thought of by the American Retailers and Marketing people. I would go as far to say it should be outlawed!

There I said it. . .
I hope you have a joyous Thanksgiving . . .
many blessings. . .
til next time ♥

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gemini Full Moon Today, Did you Feel the Shift?

Gemini Full Moon Today, Did you Feel the Shift?

It was about 4:45 here in CST when everything got real dark and the pitch of the silence changed.
Thinking clearly became an issue and I pushed to get home before it got dark as it looked as though it was going to pour really hard but it ended up being just a sprinkle.
By time I arrived at home the sprinkle had stopped and I unloaded my groceries to start the meal for tomorrows company.
Not only did the day clear up but I started getting phone calls from companies I thought weren't going to consider my application for employment and it ends up I have a 2nd interview on Tuesday and an interview on Monday for a local part time cashier position. 
So I guess it doesn't always pour when it rains but I am most Thankful this day anyway.
Tomorrow my son, daughter in law and Granddaughter are coming for dinner and I am really excited about that too. I haven't seen them since the move in September and it'll be nice to be able to relax and visit with them before the winter sets in.
I'm not cooking a traditional Thanksgiving bird as there was no time to get that together on short notice but a gluten free spaghetti with meatballs and Italian sausage, gluten free garlic bread and homemade gluten/dairy free crust-less bourbon pumpkin pie. MmmYumm.
It will be wonderful all the same and the company will be outstanding.
Many blessings to you this Thanksgiving Holiday, we have so much to be Thankful for (even when things don't seem that way from first impressions) Take the time to see the blessings in your life no matter how slight they may be
Be well and Enjoy. . . 
til next time. . . ♥

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day Before the Full Moon

Day Before the Full Moon and then it's Thanksgiving in America, WOW
What a fast month it has been, feels like it was just Halloween and some of the decorations are still hanging around waiting to be put back into the garage for another year.
I don't know about anyone else but time just goes way to fast these days or I'm just moving that much slower.
The pace has slowed down for me since my injury last year and being off with shoulder surgery has made me understand that I can not push myself 80 hours a work week any longer, which is why I moved up north. I can no longer afford to live on the WI/IL boarder when rents are $1000. per month. It's crazy but living up here is not the bliss I wish it were either. Cost of living is $3 less an hour than where I was and even though the rent is half it takes many hours of work to pay the bills.
Now, on to the next challenge of finding a job or two to keep me through the winter months. I pray I find something soon. . .
In the mean time I am still sewing and crafting the days away to keep my mind busy (and hands).
As this holiday draws closer I am continually reminded of all the gifts in my life and all that I have to be so "Thankful" for every single day of my life. . .
Happy Thanksgiving everyone
Many blessings to you over this holiday, enjoy
As I enjoy my gluten free breakfast♥

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