Monday, April 20, 2015

April Showers and the New Moon in Aries

April is nearly over and the New Moon in Aries has definitely gotten us off the couch. The energies around this moon phase have been unique to say the least. Have you been experiencing the highs and lows? Just before the new moon the energy was very heavy to say the least. Many have been experiencing neck and shoulder pain but understand that this has been a releasing of energies associated with the chakras of communication and the heart chakra. Your heart chakra has two phases the heart and the high heart. The heart chakra is a place of our love force. The high heart is that of healing and letting go. When those energies flow there is a clearing of old and a feeling of unconditional love for everything that has been forgiven.
Now the spring rains are able to bring us to a place of rest. Where the pain of clearing is washed away allowing us to move forward in places where we were stuck.
Do a simple meditation where you bring the light from the top of your head down into the high heart and allow the energy to be pushed down through your feet and leave it in the ground below. Clearing of old energies is a good way for allowing the new to take hold in your life.
I used to have an assistant manager who hated change. Every three months when the new menu came out she would just tweak and the fight the new coming in. This was just an example of her life, she fought with all newness in her life, not wanting to leave her comfort zone and face the challenges ahead of her. She suffered from low self esteem which caused headaches, shoulder and neck pain as she would let go of what she needed to leave behind her and allow herself to move forward the pain would dissipate. Change is good, even though sometimes we don't see the clear picture but later begin to understand what these changes has brought into our view.
Just to be in the flow allows us the opportunity to heal from our past. So let go and celebrate the newness in your life. Make room for it by being open to the changes. You'll be glad you did. .

Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Chill 2015

The February chill has really kept me from being as active as I'm accustomed. In fact the whole winter has been a shutting down and kicking back allowing my self to heal and get on. Coming into spring this year there's an energy that is very different from years past, I don't know, do you feel it too?
The last few years have literally been hell, growing, studying, learning,  ascending, downloading and restructuring. It's been rough but the final Pluto Uranus square will bring the chaos to a stop I am hoping. By then we should be done with the healing and moving toward this new energy. Hold on to your seat belts I think many things are going to change very fast.
Valentine's Day was soft this year for me.

Friday, December 5, 2014

December Full Moon 2014

The year is almost over and today is the full moon so remember to lite some candles, sit down in a comfortable place, close your eyes and allow your self to relax. Set your intentions on the things you want to leave your life now. Abolish the negative energies that have been surrounding you, or put something into your past where it belongs so that you are able to start the new year fresh, leaving behind all the things you do not care to bring into 2015.
A little advise on manifesting. . . move your self from wanting  and move your wants into the present tense where you are grateful for the new house you have your eye on, see and feel yourself driving that new car, tell yourself you are independently wealthy. Leave yourself room to receive and feel the joy and gratitude of having your dreams come true.

until next time, many blessings

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. .
Enjoy your day filled with love and good food. Count your blessings and be filled with gratitude for your ability to share this day with whom ever you choose.

Many blessings and Happy Thanksgiving 2014

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