Sunday, October 12, 2014

Serendipity The Magic Around you

Serendipity is a word used as in no coincidence to the magic of this lifetime. Every time it happens to me a little bell rings softly in my head and as I keep watch as the moments pass the magic begins to reveal itself to me. It's a wonderful life, the movie pops into my head as I reminisce about the angel that came forth to save the day.
The magic fills the air like poetry fills my mind and I enjoy the beauty of my past gone by. Even the hard times conditioned me to be right where I am right now and although I would rather be living in another place I am filled with the gratitude of knowing that this to shall pass.
I continue to notice the beauty and the magic around me like a child in wonder and fully give notice to the littlest things that make me joyful for those are the stepping stones of the marrow. I will be joyfully grateful for everything around me gifted in knowing that I am truly blessed.
Enjoy this autumn season to it's fullest and watch as the magic unfolds right in front of your eyes.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Holy Hill Art Farm

The Holy Hill Art Farm is on Oct. 18/19 and I just can not wait. Want a fun day nestled in a country setting out in Richfield, Wi.?  it will be a most wonderful day to share my Haloween art and visit with the other artisans. This event always has a huge turn out and I would love to see you there. So plan to  join us on October 18 or 19th for a day of entertainment in the country.
See you there . . .

Practical Magic in our Simple Lives

It's days like today when I am completely in tune with the simple magic in my life. A baby squirl wandering up to me in the front yard because he is scared of the traffic speeding by on the road outside the house. Just looking for a safe place to hide away. The birds at the feeder patiently waiting for the others to finish so they can get a little seed too. Watching the world go by as I enjoy my morning coffee watching the leaves starting to turn color as the Fall Equinox is tomorrow, the New Moon the day after that. Moving into the season of my favorite craft I have All Hallows Eve items for sale in both my ETSY shop and EBAY. Life in itself has been good. I have been crafting, listening to music, visiting a few fall time fairs & festivals and brewing kombucha, putting up apples and just really enjoying this time of year for a change.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Full Moon, Harvest Moon and Kombucha Tea

Ok, I agree that the full moon, harvest moon and Kombucha tea have nothing in common except for the harvesting of some fruits that I wanted to use to make my next batch of Kombucha Tea I am including a link here, to Cutures for Health as this site is awesome for learning about how to make Fermented Foods so, if you are interested in a new hobby which will increase your digestion and overall good health, visit them, I am certain this will take you by surprise.

I started making Kombucha after I had surgery as my diet had changed drastically due to my inability to process the food I ate. I tried probiotics and it was an unsuccessful venture as I was paying upwards of $50.00 per bottle per month. Still I suffered with not being able to get my gal bladder and stomach to cooperate with the eating of meals and I was all vegan at that time. So I purchased a bottle of Kombucha at the health food store for $3.59 for a 16 oz bottle. It was not only delicious but I had no problems with my stomach since then. Being so expensive to buy I began brewing Kombucha myself which made it remarkably affordable. It's a simple method and fun to watch the scoby grow.  The scoby is the mushroom like fermentation disc that grows during the fermentation process & it is what causes your Kombucha the ferment. It is packed with vitamins, enzymes and digestion aids.
Our society has become so inundated with the fast food industry that even if you have a poor diet, Kombucha can make a big difference in how your body processes all those processed foods.

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