Sunday, September 25, 2016

Setting Intentions, A powerful way to Manifesting your Future

Mercury is almost out of it's shadow period and the New Moon is heading our way.
Setting Intentions and aligning with the energies of your future should start to flow within your being now as we start to move forward into the darkness of the year. I love the winter months and it's not because I love attempting to make my way to work every day with all those who can't seem to navigate through the snow. The harvest time brings a time of slowing down and shifting gears in order to get working on all those things we need to get done before the leaves and snow falls.

In order to manifest anything in your life you need to set boundaries of what you expect from others and how you want to be seen in their lives, which sets in alignment the flow with other peoples energies. When we set boundaries we are telling the Universe that we don't care to be involved in their dramas but instead want to enjoy our friends and family through joy and laughter. Yes, you can ask for that. And when you do, things start to change around you. The space starts to open up and the chaos & clammer going on in others lives is not overflowing into yours any longer. There becomes a new distance and you start to enjoy the good times with them instead of the daily drama they allow to live in their space.

Setting boundaries protects you from others lower vibrational dogma. Then there is setting your intentions for what you expect to come forth in your life. Maybe a renewed relationship with a sibling or child. Or maybe you need help with something that has become a difficult task for you, Ask the Universe for help and know that it will show up when you least expect it.

Most importantly, attempt to be happy in the now, not thinking to much into the future and definitely don't dwell in the past. Allow yourself to open up to something new walking through your door at any given moment. A way to own a new car or to change residence when you are not sure how you will manage that. Allow the Universe to orchestrate the details and put you where you want to be on your path. When it comes to manifesting, see your end result, same with goals, allow the energies to flow in the direction of your desires. Visualize daily of the things you are longing for so they are able to find you through the energies you expand on.

Watch your goals unfold in front of you as you take the time to see yourself there already, feeling the energy and happiness those things will bring you. This is how you manifest from the end in mind by opening yourself up to receiving by feeling happy and grateful for the things you have now, knowing that better is on it's way to you.

Enjoy the quiet times of this season as everything goes to sleep for the winter months. Keep dreaming, keep believing and know that they are around the next turn

Many blessings to you on this journey

till next time. . .

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lunar Eclipse Sept 16th and Mercury goes direct the 22nd

We have a Lunar Eclipse coming up Sept 16th which will start your wheels turning if your looking for a raise, promotion or just a new status and it's time to show who you really are
Painstakingly enough though Mercury doesn't go direct until Sept 22nd so be careful how you handle yourself or others at this time when you want excel and push forward. Communication break downs (misunderstandings, unclear instructions) and equipment failure are always at the top of the list and travel is tricky as well. Your best laid plans could blow up in your face. Remember to be diplomatic in all areas of your life for the best results.

This Lunar Eclipse could bring out the worst, turning anyone into a psychopathy so watch for mood swings, signs of aggression and shopaholic tendencies. Everything in moderation.

After Mercury goes direct things will start to loosen up a bit and we should feel the heaviness of the veil lifting which is the best time to move towards your current goal. Just a word on goals, don't spend too much time on the planning and see yourself in the results. Another words, try working your goal with the end in mind instead of working on the means. This puts you at a much  better vantage point to receiving. You'll notice opportunities starting to open up making the process much faster to where you want to be. Instead of eating ramen noodles to save money make spaghetti instead, enjoy the process. Limiting yourself is limiting your beliefs

till next time

many blessings ♥

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer Slowing to a Close with the Full Moon Eclipse

Wow, it's August 25th and summer is coming to a close since the Full Moon Eclipse last week.
Much time has been spent working more than full time, attempting to keep up with the lawn care, garden growth and orders in my ETSY shop. It's already time to start to clean out the garden, I still have about one round of tomatoes to pull and have cooked down 3 pots of sauce to get me through the next few months.

Time is moving very fast these days since the full moon eclipse and many things in my life have come into new light. Some issues I have had with friends and co-workers are now in a completely different light or a whole new perspective. Even though the picture is now very clear, some of it not to my liking but the truth in all areas has finally showed itself. There is much disappointment but on the same hand I now feel it's all been revealed and  I am more confident about what the future holds for these relationships and the paths I need to follow have been illuminated before me. It was like awakening from a dream one morning where all the questions I had where clear as the light of day.

It is time to move forward and change the scenarios that have made me unhappy or uneasy in the past and knowing the truth of the circumstances has really been an eye opener. Eclipses are wonderful for that even though it's not always the way you  anticipated things turning out, you now have the insight to change a situation. I Thank my spiritual guides for helping me to understand the root of my unease. For now I am able to do my forgiveness work & move the tides in the right direction. I just need the energy to help me get it all this done before the snow starts to fly and everything comes to a screaming halt for the winter.

Have you ever read The Shack by Wm Paul Young? I finally just did and what a beautiful book.

So back to work, there is much to do this day. . .

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you received some clarity about your life and immediate goals as well. . .

Many blessings. . .

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius on Sunday was absolutely beautiful
I  can just imagine the Native Americans scouting for the strawberries to make they're delicate
accents for the early summer festival and celebration of the Solstice. Under the Full Moon, they paid homage to the god's for the beauty of this powerful fruit. My heart goes out to those who live by the moon cycles, balancing their lives with nature and giving thanks to mother earth for her beautiful bounty.

Many blessings to everyone under the influence of this beautiful moon.
Merry Solstice and Happy trials this summer

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