Thursday, September 11, 2014

Full Moon, Harvest Moon and Kombucha Tea

Ok, I agree that the full moon, harvest moon and Kombucha tea have nothing in common except for the harvesting of some fruits that I wanted to use to make my next batch of Kombucha Tea I am including a link here, to Cutures for Health as this site is awesome for learning about how to make Fermented Foods so, if you are interested in a new hobby which will increase your digestion and overall good health, visit them, I am certain this will take you by surprise.

I started making Kombucha after I had surgery as my diet had changed drastically due to my inability to process the food I ate. I tried probiotics and it was an unsuccessful venture as I was paying upwards of $50.00 per bottle per month. Still I suffered with not being able to get my gal bladder and stomach to cooperate with the eating of meals and I was all vegan at that time. So I purchased a bottle of Kombucha at the health food store for $3.59 for a 16 oz bottle. It was not only delicious but I had no problems with my stomach since then. Being so expensive to buy I began brewing Kombucha myself which made it remarkably affordable. It's a simple method and fun to watch the scoby grow.  The scoby is the mushroom like fermentation disc that grows during the fermentation process & it is what causes your Kombucha the ferment. It is packed with vitamins, enzymes and digestion aids.
Our society has become so inundated with the fast food industry that even if you have a poor diet, Kombucha can make a big difference in how your body processes all those processed foods.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice June 21st

The summer solstice is today or if you live in Australia then it's the first day of winter. Where ever you dwell may it be a wonderful day for you. The Solstice holds the energy of the longest day here in the northern hemisphere and with the new moon  just a couple of days off, I have been spending my time exercising my imagination and being creative with my life ahead of me. Setting intentions for the developments I would like to see manifest in my life. The first step in this process is Thinking! Think about, dream about and allow your creativity to flow towards how you would like to see your self in the future. Whether it be in a new home, car, job or maybe a relationship? A new career, change in life style to improve your health. Quitting a bad habit is always a great place to start too.
So sit back, close your eyes and go to your special place where the colors swirl and the peacefulness is abundant. Do your grounding meditation and Picture yourself where you really would like to be and set your intentions to make this real for yourself. The Universe works on the method of supply & demand just like everything else so just know that you can have what ever you picture for yourself and then start to move toward it. Seeing yourself in this picture is very important and oh, getting off the couch and going after your dream really helps too.
I have made manifest so many things this year and while I was moving towards my goal some other things happened that were a little unpleasant but I understand that some things must come to an end so that the new is able to move in. One door closes so another can open per say. So while you are manifesting to become something else in your life don't get to upset if the old moves out of the way. At that point you just need to see the energy movement and trust in the Universe that everything is about the divine timing of the process. I am thrilled to be a part of this movement and ultimately know that no matter what, everything will come about just as I had created it. The unexpected parts are a real part of the adventure.And I love a good adventure and can't wait to see this one through.
So come on, get busy and move some energy of your own

Till next time

many blessings

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Have you Met Your" Worry Angel"?

I have been working with Angel's for many years now. Last night I joined a renowned Angel Guide by the name of Kate Large. Maybe you have heard of her, she publishes a news letter on Angel Readings that she does from her website named Spiritual Whispers, she also sends out daily inspirations called Soul Kisses. Kate is running a free 5 Day Mini Vacation that you may sign up for at
Last night during the grounding meditation we met our Worry Angel. Lloyd presented himself to me before the meditation began so I had a head start of knowing who he was before we got started. This was a wonderful experience for me and it just goes to show me how the work I do outside my home (as a Restaurant Manager) has taken me so far from my path of working with Angelic Energy. He helped me to understand the trap I have lived in for the last five years, being away from the strength and guidance of the Angelic realm, opening a whole new or old way of looking at my world for me.
I have made a commitment to Lloyd, that I will not see him unemployed, keeping him close to me while I go through yet another life changing experience knowing that I will be free of worry because that's his job, to handle all and anything I might worry about. You see Worry serves no purpose in our lives except to take up precious time. Ask yourself, what has worrying ever done for you? Did it get you to were you wanted to be? Did it make things move along more quickly? And in the end, did you manifest what you worried about?  Exactly!
So you need to give your worries to your Worry Angel and live your life filled with joy and expectation. Expect miracles everyday and they will show up. I write them down everyday so that I keep myself aware of the miracles so when I ask for something that I need or want. How about a miracle Journal. I have been doing 30 Days to Miracles for a few years and it always amazes me that the Angels manage to bring me everything I ask for. Some things take a little longer depending on the size as it takes me longer to align my vibration to match what I am asking for.
Anyway, visit Kate, I am certain you will learn something wonderful from her.

till next time. . .

many blessings

Boredom is a Sign that You"re Ready for a change of vibes

Everyday Miracles surround me and I feel so protected.  I had posted an article about Mercury going Retrograde yesterday. Feeling uncertain about some decisions I had made, asking the Universe and my Angles for confirmation that I had done the right thing. Paging through the emails I had not read in the last couple of days I came across this one from Jennifer Hoffman,

Enjoy. . . I certainly did

Boredom is a sign You're Ready for a New Vibe
Have you been bored lately, feeling out of sorts, unmotivated, and maybe even a little stuck? Do you have a lot of things to do but don’t feel like doing any of them? I used to think that being bored meant having nothing to do, so if I had things to do and I was bored, it meant that I was being irresponsible or lazy. But that is not what boredom means. It is a sign that there is an energetic misalignment between the life we are on and new paths, opportunities, and potentials that our soul trying to open our awareness to. Boredom is a tug of war between the mind and the spirit, an invitation to find another way to ‘be’, instead of finding something else to do. (Why you’re seeing a photo of my bathroom is explained at the end of the article).I did not include the picture in transfer of the article
Our needs change over time and we feel stuck and frustrated because the energy that is creating the path that we are on is not giving us the results we want. The energy we have used to create our current reality will only fuel that reality. If we want to create something else, we need to use different energy. We have been taught that boredom is a sign of laziness or lack of motivation but I think that boredom is one way our soul shows us that it’s time to stretch our awareness and let new things become possible for our life. To do that, we have to bring in the energy that will empower a new reality, to break our own rules about who we are, who we can be, what we are capable of, and what we can be aligned with.
When we’re bored we have to resist the temptation to do something and let our boredom clue us into what is no longer satisfying or fulfilling us. When we’re bored we think that something is wrong with us because we think that busy, productive people are never bored with what they are doing. But we all get bored with our life circumstances at some point and then try to convince ourselves that we should be happy with whatever is in front of us, and make the best of it, no matter how we really feel about it. The relationship that doesn’t work is, after all, better than no relationship at all. The job that we dread going to every day is better than being unemployed. The life routine we have is fulfilling some purpose, even if we get up every day wondering whether this is all there is to life and living. We have been taught to be grateful for what we have but that does not include not wanting something else.
It isn’t a sign of ingratitude, selfishness, incompetence, or even a lack of appreciation to look at our life and decide that we aren’t happy with it, it doesn’t satisfy or fulfill us, or it’s boring. Our next step is what’s important. Do we decide we could have done better, that everything we have done until this moment is wrong, we don’t have what it takes to make changes, or we have been misguided or misled in chasing a path of fulfillment that wasn’t fulfilling? Or do we recognize boredom as a sign that we have ‘run out of energy road’ on that path and it’s time to change the direction, meaning, and purpose of our life? Remember that energy powers the path we’re currently  on, and to empower a new path in a fulfilling way, we have to use new energy. Otherwise, we’re trying to create change without changing anything. And recognizing when we’re bored is the first step on that journey because this acknowledges that we’re also ready to open ourselves up to new potentials.
We don’t have to know why we’re bored, it’s enough to acknowledge that we are not happy, which is our next step. When we try to pretend we’re happy when we are really not, we are trying to convince ourselves that we are fulfilled when that is not true. So take a good look at your life and see what you aren’t happy with. Then, with that list in front of you, ask yourself what you want to change. And, get ready to break some rules that dictate how you live your life and what you are capable of, to step into high vibe, more fulfilling, joyful living, and bring in new energy to make those changes possible.
Here are five signs that you are bored with your life and it’s time to raise your vibes:
1. You dread doing certain things, or maybe everything, because it feels like it’s too much work or you know you won’t like the result.
2. What once made you happy doesn’t bring you as much joy any more, or maybe even no joy at all.
3. You have a hard time forcing yourself to do the things you feel you ‘should’ be doing, even if you keep telling yourself you should do them because they’re important.
4. You find that you are missing appointments, forgetting commitments, arriving late and wanting to leave early, or finding excuses to avoid doing things.
5. You are ready to take off and leave it all behind and even if you know you won’t do that, it’s something you think about.
Maybe you can add a few more things to your own list and that’s OK, boredom is just a sign that the energy you have been using to empower your life just isn’t working for you because you are ready for something different. So acknowledge your boredom with gratitude and set some new goals, create a new purpose for your life, dust off a few dreams, and create a new life vibe to allow the changes you need and want to happen. To get a new life you have to create a new vibe, a vibration and frequency that will support the changes you want to make. You can’t empower change with the energy you have been using to create the life you have right now and your boredom is a sign that you are ready to explore new avenues for your life path, to live on purpose, in a new purpose, and expand into new potentials and possibilities.
When I get bored I have to do something creative and I love to paint. The photo is of my bathroom, whose walls were formerly a light silvery gray color, which I have never really liked. So I painted the walls a rich, dark brown, with a dark teal accent wall, which I had thought about for several years but I thought the colors would be too dark for the small room, but it looks great. And every time I walk into the room the new color makes me smile and that raises my vibe. What can you do today to raise your vibe?
Are you ready for profound, expansive, joyful transformation? Then it’s time to raise your vibes. Join me in a new 21 Day Raise your Vibes adventure. Click here to learn more and to sign up for this program, we will start on June 24, 2014
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I hope this brings some clarity to your world, I know it sure made my day

till next time. . .
many blessings

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