Thursday, December 6, 2012

6th Chakra Third Eye Chakra Clearing & Yoga Meditation

Let us move forward with the sound of "Om"
which is the sound of the 6th chakra, the Third Eye
Chakra is our connection to intuition, located at the
center of the forehead, between the brow and hairline.
It's color is indigo and it's element is "light".
The sixth chakra is associated with sight and seeing both
intuitively and physically. It is related to energies of 
clear vision, light and spirit. It is through this chakra
that we may tune in to the higher self in order to seek
and receive inner guidance
Associated body parts; eyes, brain, pituitary and
pineal glands, lymphatic and endocrine systems,
Basic issues; clairvoyance, telepathy, wisdom,
connection to the higher self, imagination, dreams,
ideas and reasoning. Gemstones & Crystals; amethyst,
lapis lazuli, Flower essence; lavender, madia, Queen Anne's lace and sapphire,
Essential oils; Clary sage, lavender, lemon, , Food; air (greens, green drinks and teas)

Major issues of an unbalanced Third Eye Chakra include an inability to see the big picture and to keep and open mind. We may tend to follow illusionary ideas and have difficulty separating fact from fantasy. Reasoning, clear thinking, judgement, memory and concentration may be impaired. 
Signs of an unbalanced sixth chakra;
  • Emotional or mental issues; fuzzy thinking, confusion, intellectual stagnation or decline, aimlessness
  • Physical issues; headache, sinusitis, brain tumors, stroke, blindness, vision problems, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders and nightmares
  • Common addictions; shopping, possessiveness, cultish behaviors
When the Third Eye Chakra is balanced, we feel intellectually at the top of our game. Our imaginations soar and we are in tune with and can draw upon our intuitive powers of reasoning. We are able to positively and realistically perceive and visualize the future. Because this chakra allows us to see beyond the physical world, our psychic and telepathic abilities may be heightened.
A balanced sixth chakra brings;
  • an ability to think clearly
  • a comfortable detachment from worldly goods,
  • an ability to trust our inner wisdom, to "know" the unknowable
  • attunement to our intuitive powers
Beneficial activities that promote and maintain a balanced Third Eye Chakra; keeping a dream journal, a conscience awareness of coincidences and serendipitous, meditation 

Now do your grounding meditation and then we'll move to the "Om" Meditation

Focus on the vibration of the Third Eye chakra, the sound is "Om" the sacred sound of the universe. Chant this sound silently or out loud three times
  • Sit with your legs bent , feet crossed comfortably at the ankles, spine extended, shoulders down and away from the ears
  • With eyes closed, focus on the middle of your brow,
  •  Bring your hands into a prayer position(Namaste') between your eyes, thumbs crossed and resting at the third eye center. Elbows may be close together or held out to the sides.
  • Chant the sound of Ong, which represents "activity "or the sound of om, which represents"stillness". Whichever sound you decide depends on what you need; follow your intuition
  • Focus on the sound and vibration indigo light connecting to your higher self
  • Repeat for one to three minuets or longer
               I am one with the vibration of the infinite
  • activates the pineal and thyroid glands
  • clears and balances the upper chakras
  • promotes grounding and a sense of profound physical and cosmic connection
  • calms and clears the mind
  • slows respiration and heart rate
Thank you for joining me again today. Tomorrow we will connect to our Crown Chakra and then the rest will be up to you

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions on my blog topics as your input is always appreciated
have a wonderful day. . . many blessings

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